From the top to the bottom of In The Dungeon

From the top to the bottom of In The DungeonLiberate Year: 1996
Workshop: Projex Video
Throw: Jeremy Tucker, Will Clark, Hank Hightower, Michael Vincent
Genres: Servitude & Training, Horsehung, Leather, Muscle Men, Spanking, Anal Sex, Great Loads, Great Balls
Video speech: English people
The foremost spectacle stars hairy, muscle post Master Hank Hightower through a not thin 6" succulent cock and big balls. Bondman Jeremy Tucker has a lofty, incline, even material substance through one impossible to believe dick and balls and wearing a leather neck-band and jockstrap loves acquisition his burning and alluring jack~ rimmed and digitate. Jeremy is sightless folded in the manner that well in the manner that ankles and wrists restrained. Small horse clamps are placed up~ his nipples and burning small horse sport begins!Master Hank unlocks bondman Jeremy's jockstrap and frees up his lengthy, oleaginous cock.

Format: MPEG
Continuance: 1:08:22
Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps
From the top to the bottom of In The Dungeon

Toothed bigness: 682.4 MB