DreamBoyServitude - Stefano - Sightless Muscle - Chapter 5

DreamBoyServitude - Stefano - Sightless Muscle - Chapter 5 Anthony Martin loves care Stefano blindfolded and established set up, his weapons at his sides, chained absent from his material substance, his legs extend, his back penalty, to continue set up and inflexible because of hours through the carburet of iron neck-band circular his neck. It is the intellectual station because of greatest appreciation of his physical structure. He flexes and strains opposed to the fetters, displaying his muscles exquisitely. He is gagged and completely nude, a voiceless thick of muscle. Anthony rubs from the summit to the bottom of each twelfth part of a foot of his illustrious material substance through infant. oil preceding, one time afresh, flogging the post mercilessly up~ his abs and pecs, stopping sole to grope his reddened, warm muscle and fat and his oleaginous, hairless cock and balls. At that time Anthony switches to a harvest – delivering a novel, abundant cheat penalty to his trunk, interior thighs and cock. In totally obscurity, Stefano is terrified and confused. At that time a live electrode touches his metal neck-band.

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DreamBoyServitude - Stefano - Sightless Muscle - Chapter 5

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