Showy Retro Magazines Assemblage 1970-1995

Showy Retro Magazines Assemblage 1970-1995Liberate Year: 1970
A assemblage anciently showy porn magazines, mainly American. Greatest in quantity magazines are dark and of a ~ color. A whole of 1,665 magazines(73,108 scanned pages)were distributed, of what one. 895 were filled magazines(40,677 pages)and 770 magazines(32,431 pages), in what one. more pages were lost(folders through like magazines are notable). Magazines are arranged in folders in alphabetical method.


1,665 journals, 73,000+ pages
USA, Sweden, Denmark Mans

all genres and directions of showy porn

Showy Retro Magazines Assemblage 1970-1995

Whole bigness: 8.0 GB in 3 files.