Seriousmalebondage - Sightless Gimp Treatement

Seriousmalebondage - Sightless Gimp Treatement Liberate Year: 2020
This video is thus fucking burning!This is servitude array at it's finest, made potential from one side our UK guest 'SlaveBoundTo Serve' up~ Recon. BoundToWork for contacted us at the time he was in San Francisco, and declared he had more single array from one side him suppose that we wanted to diocese it. In the manner that a proceed we discharge a exact show-and-tell meeting video from one side him and at that time herd from the summit to the bottom of to the EdgePrison to let fly the sum of ~ units videos in this update.

The foremost video features our guest in his caoutchouc catsuit, super-thick StudioGum faceless cowl, and Carrara spotless carburet of iron position neck-band. I hold to close in this place and trust that while I was editing this video I had to close, race into the bathroom, and yerk not up~. The optic of SlaveBoundToWork for roving circular in his array blindly, from one side his wrists cuffed abaft his back, is equitable passage overmuch burning. In adding, there's a fetter from his position neck-band to the prison bars. In my judgment this is the ultimate fetish bondaage actual observation. I sole wish it was me in his shoes. I trust that SlaveBoundToWork for enjoys this video in the manner that abundant in the manner that I perform!One time he had explored the boundaries of his small space, Dart_Tech pulls him towards the prison bars, shortens his fetter, and plays from one side his cock from one side the bars. In what manner burning is that?

In the next to the first piece of this video Dart_Tech straps BoundToWork for to a fuck bench and product to procure him not up~ from one side a vibrator, e-stim and a dildo. Our guest requested this scenario, and he certain got satisfied. Dart_Tech usually handles the sexual aspects of our scenes, and does a advantageous piece of work. We create a large team.

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Seriousmalebondage - Sightless Gimp Treatement

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