Seriousmalebondage - Zero

Seriousmalebondage - Zero Liberate Year: 2020
I trust everyone is unharmed because of the time of this Corona Poison. I perceive that sheltering in area is not pleasantry. Try to ride it up~ the ~side and stay at home to relieve bring the transferrence of the poison. I will try to pillar greater degree of updates to retain everyone entertained and corneous!!

This is single aged update from the records what one. I reworked and re-edited. It features our confidant ZeroTSM in Pennsylvania, who is the associate of Keeper Harold Cox. In the manner that you will diocese in these aged VHS video clips, Naught is a use a ~ upon of rigid bearing servitude. Because of of the world of the work he does, Naught is clever to stay in advantageous material form and remain alive this benevolent of sport. In the manner that a substance of incident, he's attracted to bearing servitude. Suppose that you perform a examine because of 'zerotsm' in the examine box at the summit of this boy-servant you be able to discover a not many other videos Naught has sent us above the years.

I'm not certain at what one. area he got the appellation ZeroTSM. It may exist greater degree of benevolent of technical or philosophical gabble. Naught works in electronics and RF engineering. I knew this from my former visits from one side him, up~ the other hand I was totally caught not up~ protect because of the time of my latest move to diocese at the time we were talking around the new excitation in Tokamak liquefaction reactors. Naught asked me suppose that I wanted to diocese his novel plasma apartment. That what one.?Naught led me to the back space and certain sufficiency had the whole of the components setup to originate and bear a plasma rebound in a void apartment. I don't remember the whole of the particulars, up~ the other hand he had obtained the whole of the talents up~ E-bay including the spotless carburet of iron apartment, void pumps, lofty voltage provide, guide shielding and a little bottle of weighty water. He fired up the a whole and I was clever to view the low-level plasma from one side a glass viewing harbor preceding he cranked up the sap and we had to stand abaft the guide buckler because of of neutron and X-ray emissions. Like I speak, I don't remember abundant of the particulars. The apartment was little, apparently smaller than 50 quadrilateral and equiangular inches of convolution. From one side the whole of the wires and hoses, I felt like I was in a insane laboratory. Unnecessary to speak, ZeroTSM is a pungent stay.

In a single single covering, Naught lives from one side his associate Keeper Harold Cox. Unitedly they hold 4 jail cells and 2 lone restraint cells in their habitation. Single of the cells, shown concisely in this video, has a motorized entrance what one. slides back and onward from one side the push of a button. They were clever to salvage the entrance from single aged jail that was existence demolished. In some area in the records I hold single meeting from one side Keeper Harold Cox what one. shows their jail cells. I will try to excavate it up~ the ~side and pillar it up~ the area in the futurity.

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Seriousmalebondage - Zero

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