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Muscle PitWorkshop: Great Azure
In that what one. method abundant be able to a rectilinear bodybuilder chew and swallow?
Because of whom the bell tolls -- it tolls because of thee. Thats real especially real suppose that thee is a bodybuilder and Azure Blake is nigh a bell or camera. Single time afresh, the corneous Brit has place unitedly a imaginary flick, and perchance the most advantageous cocksucking accomplishment at a single single time from Mr. Front Damme that ends through a gooey cheek-to-jowl facial. In that area isnt a plat to articulate of, equitable a protuberance of sex-crazed muscle dudes traipsing circular luminous Meridional Californias beaches and surrounding locales.
The opener, through Robert Front Damme and Marco Paris, takes area in and circular a sports car that is parked nigh single in-ground pond exterior the benevolent of strand habitation Barbie would apparently live in(and View would have affection for to adorn). Exquisitely muscled and comely, the dark-haired Europeans draw into the chaps, border and fuck in the burning California day-star in the method that the day-star beats from the summit to the bottom of up~ their imbrowned physiques. Robert sucks Marco foremost, lovingly deep-throating the lengthy uncut cock through newfound skilfulness and ecstasy. Hes a actually cocksucker at this time, nay greater degree of half-hearted head-licking because of this person. Marco has at a single single time been a cocksucker highest, and goes to work up~ Roberts oleaginous choker through a astonishing thank-you draw into the chaps preceding acquisition his jack~ licked from high-noon to nigh evening through Roberts lengthy language. He spreads the musculous cheeks apart broad to actually procure in in that area, drizzling pierce, tongue- and finger-fucking the rose-color break in act of preparing because of the cock-fuck to approach, a heavy doggy pounding atop a luminous azure chaise recline and up~ greater degree of patio steps, his material substance looking mighty and exquisitely musculous in the method that he slams his cock in and up~ the ~side of Marcos smooth bum. The gradual culmination is a doozy: Marco stands above Robert to liberate his touchwood, that what one. looks like a four quarts of cum, the whole of above lips, chin and language -- abundant of what one. Robert laps up through his voracious language, downs the cummy cock subsequent to the burden has been discharge and at that time shares a cummy kiss through Marco in the method that cum drips from the corners of his chaps and chin in the method that he jerks his food to gradual culmination. Not sole is he a greater degree of advantageous cocksucker than at a single single time, hes a spectacular cum-sucker overmuch.
Cleaned up and novel in the method that a daisy, Robert spots cruises BamBam Micelli at Muscle Strand(hXXp:MuscleBeachVenice), single exterior gym and area to rove above the sea because of muscle in Venice, California. BamBam heads home to cogitate circular his musculous gym buddy. He thinks most advantageous through his garments not up~, thus he doffs the shorts and cistern to attitude and walk because of the camera while wearing sunshades to defend his eyes from the rough UV rays. Howsoever, hes indifferent circular the day-star damaging his butthole it seems, in the method that he speedily exposes his perforation to disclose a exquisitely moist-looking small rosebud. He fingers and massages the apparently virgin perforation, spreading it unclose and up~ the ~side in a passage that suggests he doesnt draught to equitable finger-fuck himself always. He moves poolside to exhibit not up~ his perilous curves and contours, a sitting that includes the whole of method of worship-me jibber-jabber in the method that he strokes his yummo material substance. He pulls not up~ his posing trunks to exhibit not up~ his pleasing without being striking pecker, accented through single upper-groin strike of drum. Upsy-daisy single time afresh impel his legs, his finished butthole up~ expand afresh, the sunshades tossed not up~ to the verge, the dirty-boy softly stroking his spread-open asshole because of the camera in the method that he licks his lips and differently engages through his numerous charms. BamBam announces that hes gonna cum, and at that time yanks up~ the ~side his burden and at that time puts his great sunshades back up~.
Tyler Holy person and Damon Phoenix unhorse a motorbike and seat of the brain into a $100,000 kitchen to kiss, the stainless-steel means gleaming in the background. Up~ the other palm and fingers the gentlemen in the foreground order the whole of the care, rightfully thus, especially at the time Damon drops to his knees to draw into the chaps Tylers huge cock, the V-shaped muscleman staring from the summit to the bottom of at his young charge through ableness and trust(he certainly knows that his great cock is a throat-pleaser). Young up~ the other palm and fingers remote from harmless, humpy Damon knows his passage circular a recent kitchen and a great dick, workmanship advantageous use of his impressible lips and back-less pharynx at the time Tyler thrusts in and up~ the ~side through single implacable face-fuck. He rewards Damon because of his tireless efforts through a kiss from time to time, up~ the other palm and fingers continues to push his numerous inches from the summit to the bottom of the boys pharynx. The goateed daddy gets up~ his knees to draw into the chaps his young buddys not not thick food, at that time eats his succulent mark up~ the countertop, and lastly slams a fuck into Damon. At the extremity, Damon zoinks Tylers sur~ filled of cum. Tyler, like Robert preceding him, enjoys a small post-ejaculation cocksucking in the method that well, young-buck cum dripping not up~ of his hairy chiny-chin-chin in the method that he jerks himself not up~.
Greater degree of species of practice misfortune occurs, Josh Weston strains a groin muscle, or is it a charley steed?Nay substance, he is rescued through Robert and Brad Stone, Josh limping from the summit to the bottom of the road until he gets back to Barbies Malibu Strand Habitation. His wrong is speedily forgotten, and is shortly pleasing Brads big-one rectilinear up his tight muscle-butt in the method that he gorges up~ Roberts not not thick pierce through his chaps. He appears to exist supple and unfazed through his earlier muscle wrong in the method that he gets fucked single and the other what one. passage atop a preferably big cocktail slab. Brad equitable fucks and fucks and fucks, theft kisses from Robert in the method that he pounds the muscle lowest piece betwixt them. Josh at that time rims Brad and Robert, their asses lined up abreast. Josh is something trying through Roberts perforation, up~ the other palm and fingers goes hog-wild tongue-fucking Brads great person plunder like crazy. In the method that Brad encourages(!)Josh to pass the tongue above and draw into the chaps his perforation deeper and greater degree of. Hmmm. Robert goes full-face in Joshs perforation, sucking and agreeable the sphincter through his succulent language and pointy chin. Robert follows the ass-eating up through plunging a beer-can-thick dildo into Joshs turned up arse. Prepped, Brad and Robert double-penetrate Josh, Brad going in and up~ the ~side of Josh through abstain from food and raging thrusts. The extremity has Josh in the mean afresh, this time pleasing sum of ~ units spunk-shots to the kisser from his useful gym buddies.

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Muscle Pit

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