Lovers & Friends

Lovers & FriendsLiberate Year: 1985
Workshop: Jewel Video
Throw: Brad Builder in stone, Cabbage Taylor, Eric Ryan, Eric Stryker, Joel Curry-sauce, Transfix Daniels(80-90s), Ron Pearson, Scott O'Hara
Genres: First-rate work, Pre-condom, Onanism, Rimming, Threeway, Spoken Sex, Anal Sex, Solo(Greater degree of), Muscle, Hairy, Even, Cumshots
Sum of ~ units lovers --Ron Pearson and Joel Curry-sauce -- expend single enjoyable afternoon at a soundness bludgeon acquisition it up~ through diverse members and employees in this pellicle that opens through a well-shot solo sitting through Curry-sauce.
Convincing his lover that he necessarily a mouthful greater degree of rest; he continues to strike not up~ while the lover stands in the hallway and watches-playing through his possess bone. They at that time move to the gym, and a long portion follows capturing them pumping up through Eric Ryan, tattooed Cabbage Taylor and Scott O'Hara.
A burning sex spectacle closely follows, at what one. place Taylor and Ryan team up in the shower. The two Ryan and Taylor take turns sucking and fucking single and the other other in the manner that the discharge captures superior all-hard activity. A high-light is a three-way in the massage space, at what one. place masculine Brad Builder in stone alternates fucking Pearson and Eric Stryker.
Later that eve, at a eating-house, Curry-sauce gets rimmed, at that time fucked, through macho Transfix Daniels in the kitchen. Cabbage Taylor, playing a attendant, joins the twosome and throws a next to the first fuck into the insatiate Curry-sauce. Kinkiness in the threeway includes Daniels winding Curry-sauce above, spreading vanilla surpassing the whole of above his jack~, and licking single and the other mouthful of it not up~.
Well photographed through lots of cumshots, this vintage showy porn video offers separate camera angles, tons of distinct close-ups, brittle sex, and transparent enjoyment.Ron Pearson, the heavenly body, likewise produced and shared the directorial role through Steve Scott.
This pellicle was nominated because of four awards in this Next to the first Yearly X-Rated Critics Construction Awards. The nominations included "Most good The whole of Masculine Pellicle," "Most good The whole of Masculine Director"(Steve Scott), "Most good The whole of Masculine Newcomer"(Joel Curry-sauce)and "Most good The whole of Masculine Doer," because of what one. Ron Pearson did win.This showy sex pellicle was likewise nominated because of "Most good Showy Video" in 1985's "Mature Video News" Awards.
Before released in the manner that Sighs.

Format: mp4
Continuance: 1:06:59
Video: 718x540, AVC(H.264), 1780kbps
Audio: 93kbps
Lovers & Friends

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