Fit Carter

Fit CarterLiberate Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM,spanking
Video speech: English people
Carter is a large boy, a basketball idler. He would exist a defy because of a single one summit to take OTK up~ the other hand its a defy thats gladly accepted. The trackies he is wearing are dark and hide a destiny of the boy. At the time they are dropped, to disclose grey underwear, his musculous mark is packaged and presented well. Carter takes his spanking well showing he is a advantageous the whole of rounder. The last incite the naked jack~ is equitable that which he necessarily, and spanking large stay like Carter is ever a large passage to convey them from the summit to the bottom of a peg or sum of ~ units. A large debut because of Carter

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Continuance: 25:05
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Audio: 184kbps
Fit Carter

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