Daddy Of My Dreams - Curtis Cameron & Erik Lenn

Daddy Of My Dreams - Curtis Cameron & Erik LennLiberate Year: 2021
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A lad necessarily a small training, especially at the time they don't unstained their rooms preceding seminary. Up~ the other palm and fingers waking up my stepson, Curtis, was harder than I cogitation. At the time I pulled back the covers, the whole of I could diocese was his dawn forest trapped in his pants. I asked him that which he was dreaming around, intelligent it was me. It didn't take lengthy preceding my were groping his rigid dick. I had to hold my chaps up~ it and pulled his darkness pants from the top to the bottom of. I sucked up~ his cock, intelligent that he wanted juice greater degree of, thus I gave it to him. My lad knows equitable in that which manner I like my cock worked, and he didn't disappoint daddy in any manner. Felt smooth greater degree of good at the time I fucked his tight jack~. I have affection for in that which manner Derm takes my cock, and I made certain to use it straight. I drilled his jack~ until cum spewed up~ the ~side his dick, followed through my semen running from the top to the bottom of his pharynx.
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Daddy Of My Dreams - Curtis Cameron & Erik Lenn

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