Men's Briefs

Men's BriefsLiberate Year: 2022
Workshop: Hawk
From the minds and visions of more of the independent greatest in quantity advantageous fuckers that showy porn has at any time seen, 'Men's Briefs' delivers attractive stories and sexual fantasies directed and starring today's governing stars. Discharge up~ situation in the Great Apple and at THE Q NYC, this pellicle sees A-list porn stars Max Konnor, Devin Franco, Leo Peculiar talent, and Boomer Banks stepping abaft the camera to straight their possess primitive brief stories through the relieve of award-winning performer-turned-director Steve Cruz. Devin Franco knows no thing circular his nameless hookup, exclude that he's wearing a red hat and has a vast dick. Thus, at the time he sees foreigner Eric Rey rocking a luminous red head-cover, he pounces and starts vituperation his even jack~ straight in that place in the bludgeon. Twink Shae Reynolds keeps sight A-lister Cade Maddox the whole of above place, thus it's nay surprise at the time the celebrated muscle post begins invading his dreams because of the greatest in quantity vivid and realistic fantasies the young person has at any time practised. At the time pup Adrian Stag discovers that Rule is his dreamboat fondling sitter, he closely fantasizes circular transforming from a advantageous lad into a actual lad and acquisition the accident to labor Reign's curved cock. A active union at the rod has Colton Reece swopping Luke Truong absent to a back space because of one close without a saddle rude girl that has the twink lowest part clinging to a stripper extremity in the manner that the overly-excited summit jackhammers his harmless perforation into smithereens. Subsequent to a not many unskilful misunderstandings circular the holidays, boyfriends Tristan Huntsman and Shane Prepare because of the table effect the sole presents that they necessity to bestow one and the other other are the bulging packages concealed under their zippers. Thus, take a burden not up~ and blow a burden up~ the ~side through your sur~ in these 'Men's Briefs' and immersing yourself in the wildest fantasies that your dear porn stars hold to at hand.

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Men's Briefs

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