The Frenchman And The Lovers(1979)

The Frenchman And The Lovers(1979)Liberate Year: 1979
Throw: Move with a jerk Damon Eric Lenient Move with a jerk Blount Move with a jerk Carrier Dan Middle class Dan Step Stay DiSilva(II)
Genres: Lineament First-rate work Pre-Condom
Video speech: English people
This superior showy pellicle from the Jewel Theater Library of classics was directed through Tom DeSimone, creator of The Pagan. Likewise issued in the manner that The Agitate Shooters in 1982 and heretofore titled The Harder They Drop, this is the dramatic hi~ of in what manner the lives of a porno photographer and his rough lover are disrupted at the time a maker beau(Eric Lenient)from France comes to go to see the United States.

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The Frenchman And The Lovers(1979)

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