Men In Undeviating s06 Steve Hammond & Ted Dowell

Men In Undeviating s06 Steve Hammond & Ted DowellLiberate Year: 1998
Workshop: Hawk Without a saddle
Ted Dowell conveys his amazement at Dutch's(Steve Hammond)crazy fag-bashing deportment...especially because sole a not many weeks past,Dutch was longing because of Ted to deep-throat his not thin cock...Tedremembers his garage meeting from one side Dutch and in what manner Dutch enjoyedthe perceive of Ted's chaps up~ his cock. Repeatedly Ted lovinglythroated Dutch's pierce and Dutch matched his chaps periodical emphasis withpelvic Dutch could reply Ted thus speedily was a bafflingnotion. Smooth Jeff was astonished that tough cousin Dutch is actuallya cabinet covering.Meanwhile, flashback to at hand...Jeff Stryker, Doug Cory and RobertHarris are slogging from one side the thicket in examine of the missingdiamonds. Jungleboy Gavin Jeffrey watches the adventurers from hislair in the wood awning.Kevin Williams and Dutch(Steve Hammond)are likewise in examine of thetreasure and they're the two perspiring and exhausted. Dutch is craving fora of the tropics quickie and Kevin is longing to relieve him up~ the ~side...planting himselfon the whole of fours and alluring Dutch in because of a rigid firm fuck. Dutch plants hiscock down-reaching in the fair boy's jack~...pounding him harder and harder asKevin moans because of greater degree of. The time increases in the manner that the degree of heat risesand shortly the two Dutch and Kevin hold spilled their semen above the leaflitter of the wood.
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Men In Undeviating s06 Steve Hammond & Ted Dowell

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