Exam Blowbang Collection

Exam Blowbang Collection Liberate Year: 2003
Throw: Johnny Hazzard, Matt Summers, D.C. Chandler, Filippo Romano, Joe Nurse, Carlo Cox, Kyle Kennedy, Metal point Adams, Chad Chase, Plunder Kirk, Zack Edwards, Andy Huntsman, Matt Majors, Michael Johnson, Jack Forge, Rocking-stone Pastoral pipe
Genres: Society Life, Anal, Great Dicks, Cumshots, Down-reaching Throating, Fetish, Muscle, Orgy, Penetrating, Rimming, Uncut
Video speech: English people
It takes the seminary motif single step farther. "It's dirtier, grittier, greater degree of hard-edged than the antecedent video," LaRegret declared, while up~ put shooting her latest video. "We move into the intestines of the seminary this time, the underbelly. The unclean janitors stations, the detention large room, smooth the bullies mount the combat. It's the burning single!" Featuring greater degree of of the hottest names in showy porn today, through a slew of newcomers added to the register, LaRegret is assured that this single will outsell the antecedent vid. "Chad Chase and Metal point Adams' spectacle is completely astonishing!" she declared. "Everyone up~ the put was aroused - confidence me!" In adding to Chase and Adams, Knave Exclusives Matt Summers and Kyle Kennedy emerge in the video, in the manner that well in the manner that a novel Knave Excluding, Frankie. "He's gonna create heads turn," LaRegret promised. Frankie came to LaRegret through passage of Doug Jeffries, who is following in his mentor's example in the manner that a superintendent. D.C. Chandler(up~ lend from Workshop 2000 at which place he resides in the manner that single Excluding), Joe Nurse, Brazilian Carlo Cox, Matt Majors, Plunder Kirk, Filippo Romano and others circular up~ the ~side the throw.

Format: avi
Continuance: 1:19:58
Video: 720x496, XviD, 2323kbps
Audio: 218kbps
Exam Blowbang Collection

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