CumTwiceLiberate Year: 2010
Workshop: Road Boys
Throw: Carlos Michaelis, Andre Stoickov, Peter Iresch, Biggrab iresch, Stefan Peters, Tim Junker, Benjamin Walther, Vladimir Prus, Michael Obstruct, Nihat Alpey, Oleg Petermann
Genres: uncut guys, out of a saddle, Semen Kissing, Semen Sucking, Down-reaching Pharynx, Sucking, Kissing, Rimming, 11 Cumshots, Solo Activity, Duo Activity
Video speech: Russian
Boris Suckov shooted a large movie through 6 scenes and a premium Street-Boys® serie. the guys from easten europe are filled of semen and they like it to us(because of a maniple coin).

Spectacle 1:
“Hey Andrej Stoickov, your jack~ looks actually luscious” Tim Junker whispers to him in a sinful passage. “Well at that time, use it” replies the dark haired Stoickov. Tim kneels raze a luminous exhibit the teeth up~ his lips and starts to pass the tongue above Andrej’s jack~ carefully through his language. That single leans back and enjoys existence rimmed through enjoyment. At that time he gives Tim his cock, in method that he be able to use it. He swallows his dick like a sex-hungry stay. Andrej is the whole of corneous through at this time. He pulls up Tim to him, and starts to handle his perforation. He continues deeds thus until the other single takes not up~ his shorts speedily. Out of he sits up~ Andrej’s dick. He rides it up and from the summit to the bottom of. It’s time because of Andrej to procure greater degree of operative. He rotates Tim’s seat of the brain opposed to the wall in method that his jack~ shows in his aim. Lastly he be able to set in his oleaginous pierce into Tim’s tight asshole. He bangs him in the manner that firm in the manner that he be able to. Tim is totally excited that he can’t grasp his burden anymore. He wanks his schlong while affecting single and the other thrust of Andrej. Lastly his sap squirts up~ the ~side of his bell extremity. His of a ~ color choice piece drips up~ the red falsehood. Andrej cum is likewise circular to let fly up~ the ~side. He leans back up~ the falsehood and pulls up Tim’s seat of the brain above his pierce. He jacks not up~ faster money-drawer his semen runs up~ the ~side. Tim licks the whole of the proteins and leans back satisfied.

Spectacle 2:
“Geez, that what one. takes him ablution up thus long” thinks Vladimir Prus. “At this time, that I’m actually corneous – Well, perhaps I should distract him a small bit” is that what one. he’s got in soul. In nay time he starts to caress Stefan Peters through his palm and fingers. He pulls up his t-shirt slowly and plays through his nipples. Stefan pretends not existence disturbed and continues to perform the ablution up in the manner that suppose that single had the whole of time in the universe. Subsequent to Vladi opened his pants and gives him a blowjob, Stefan doesn’t necessity to exist invited two times. He swallows Vladimir’s pierce down-reaching interior his chaps and blows it until it gets firm in the manner that rock. At that time his rips not up~ Vladimir’s garments of his material substance and plays through his nipples. He chews up~ his dick and wets his perforation. He sticks his language down-reaching interior Vladis ass-pussy and fingers it. That single actually enjoys this and can’t wait to procure screwed. Out of check Stefan fucks him roughly. He dejection his pierce down-reaching interior his perforation. Slowly in the beginning he at that time bangs him harder. Subsequent to that Stefan can’t grasp his sap anymore. Il pulls his dick up~ the ~side and Vladi kneels in forehead of him. He swallos his burden and licks the rests of Stefan’s schlong. The two kiss cruelly and pass the tongue above his semen from their lips. Stefan enjoys the try the flavor of of cum in method that he doesn’t soul Vladimir shooting his burning burden into his sur~. Abundantly Vladis squirts his semen up~ the ~side of his bell extremity. “I knew that I was going to procure my fuck this time” Vladi thinks at the extremity totally satisfied.

Spectacle 3:
“Mmmh, having a bath like this is that what one. would please myself“ thinks Carlos Michaelis. He puts the water gladly into the bathtub and takes his garments not up~ like a pro. He sits into the warm water and plays through the froth. He dispenses the bath water above his material substance. At the time he’s affecting his perforation he equitable can’t oppose. He plays carefully circular that relinquish his fingers and wanks his pierce what one. is acquisition harder through a single single little. He looks circular because of single thing that he could set in into his asshole and lastly spots a formative bottle. He sticks it slowly into his arse and the bottle slides in and up~ the ~side easily. Through doing thus his dick is actually acquisition firm. He feels like his bell extremity increasing fatter and bigger. He wanks it in the manner that abstain from food in the manner that he be able to. Lastly he can’t grasp his jiiz anymore. His cum squirts up~ the ~side. Satisfied his dispenses the rests of his semen above his material substance and to accomplish licks his fingers.

Spectacle 4:
Carlos Michaelis finishes his bath at time and is dressed through at this time. Nihat Alpey, his buddy from the southern is approach because of a move to see. They the two be seated up~ the falsehood and speak. Up~ the other palm and fingers Carlos’ silence very corneous. He pulls up Nihat’s shirt and plays through his nipples. He plays carefully through his pants and pulls his dick up~ the ~side. He gives him a affecting the senses blowjob until his pierce is firm in the manner that rock. Nihat puts up through it and helps Carlos undressing his pants willingly. At that time he fondles his perforation and fingers it. He likewise licks his tight asshole. Up~ the other palm and fingers he lastly wants to miser him. Nihat turns circular and offers him this delicious mark. Out of pleasing his possess pants not up~ Carlos sticks his pierce into his perforation. Foremost equitable a small mouthful up~ the other palm and fingers in nay time his schlong disappears completely interior his sphincter. He fucks Nihat – who moans audibly of enjoyment – like a horndog. Carlos because of his piece likewise wants to perceive a dick in his perforation. He lastly takes his pants not up~ and sits up~ Nihat corneous bell extremity. His cock slides slowly interior Carlos’ perforation. He rides up~ Nihat until he can’t grasp his sap anymore. Carlos descends from him and kneels above his oleaginous dong. He fondles his perforation until the other single burning choice piece squirts up~ the ~side of his glans. Craving because of jiiz Carlos cleans it the whole of up through his language. To accomplish he likewise wants to yerk not up~. He stands nearest to Nihat and wanks his oleaginous pierce. Abundantly his burning proteins eject up~ the ~side of his dick. Nihat who got nearly frightened through the view of this licks his schlong free from moisture and leans back totally exhausted.

Spectacle 5:
The timid Benjamin Walter, is single portentous boy. He equitable loves satisfying himself. He fondles his material substance easy-going and takes not up~ his shirt slowly. He opens his pants and pulls his dick up~ the ~side. He wanks it carefully. Subsequent to he has taken his pants not up~ he leans back in the seat. He fondles his perforation and wanks his pierce. He fingers his perforation out of clemency whiles his cock acquisition harder. He feels greater degree of prickling in his glans up~ the other palm and fingers silence grasp back his jiiz. He inserts single latest time his handle interior his tight perforation and spanks the monkey. Doing this he equitable can’t grasp it a single single longer. His of a ~ color sap drops up~ the ~side of his cock. Greater degree of choice piece squirts up~ the ~side seconds later. Joyous and satisfied Benjamin leans back and plays through the rests of his possess semen.

Spectacle 6:
Michael Obstruct and Oleg Petermann be seated anterior limb in anterior limb up~ the falsehood and number single and the other other jokes. Unexpectedly their heads approach nigh. At that time Oleg makes the foremost step and kisses Michael. That single loses his inhibitions and takes Oleg’s t-shirt not up~. He opens his pants and starts to bestow Oleg a stroke piece of work. He puts up through it up~ the other palm and fingers wants to draw into the chaps dick overmuch. He opens Michael’s pants and kneels from the summit to the bottom of to him. Slowly and sensuously he chews up~ his glans. At that time he spreads Michael’s legs to wet his asshole. He continues through sticking his fingers in his perforation to caress the interior. Michael is totally excited at the time Oleg’s pierce is prepared to beat him. He inserts his cock lastly. His schlong disappears down-reaching interior Michael. He screws him because of a brief time sole up~ the other palm and fingers in a very firm passage. Michael is whining peaceably. Lastly Oleg cannot grasp his semen anymore. He pulls up Michael’s seat of the brain closer to him and squirts a filled burden of proteins into his chaps. This uneven try the flavor of of cum equitable made Michael smooth hornier. He can’t grasp his burden single or the other. Oleg kneels above him staying because of his semen to let fly up~ the ~side of his bell extremity. To accomplish the two kiss cruelly and scatter the rests of semen through their tongues

Bonus-Spectacle 7:
Gemini Peter & Biggrab ires be seated unitedly eagerly in forehead of their laptop attention “Cum Twice”. This exciting DVD makes them totally excited. Mouthful through mouthful they tear open their garments not up~ their material substance and exhibit the teeth at single and the other other. These corneous semen lads in it create their pricks procure totally firm. At that time they wank their dicks in the manner that abstain from food in the manner that they be able to until single doubled jerks not up~ subsequent to the other up~ the ~side of his glans. Well, in the manner that they speak, “Cum Twice” – actually. Peter and Cogitation exactly the identical and exhibit the teeth through attention the résumé of cumshots…

Corneous advantageous material substance, handsome holes, large firm cocks and semen, will exist ate.
A super movie!

Format: mp4
Continuance: 2:08:43
Video: 720x480, AVC(H.264), 881kbps
Audio: 248kbps

Toothed bigness: 1.0 GB